Tradition. What Does it Mean to You?


Tradition. Oh, you know: Christmas trees, Thanksgiving turkey, Mother’s Day brunch, fall pumpkin carving, birthday cakes, Sunday pancakes …This could take all day. I’m a sucker for a good tradition. I just love the sense of continuity and cohesion behind it. The sense that tradition can withstand time, from generation to generation, and that we, as participants, can watch it grow and evolve. Second, the power that tradition holds to bring families together, the sense of harmony that it affords. The customs, beliefs and practices that we share with our loved ones are oftentimes derived from what has been passed down to us, or from what we established on our own. In a world that is constantly shifting and changing, tradition in its essence offers us a sense of stability. Even when our surroundings change, we can rely on traditions to remain just as we left them. They offer…

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