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Happy Holidays, New York.


What an unseasonably warm Sunday in New York City. Although Christmas has come and gone, all of the streets and avenues of the Big Apple were alive with people who were, like us, partaking in some post-holiday fun. My sweet boyfriend bought me tickets to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular (my first time seeing the show). You know, I have lived thirty minutes away from this City for my entire life, yet at times I feel that I have taken that closeness for granted. When I am here, I remember what I love about being here. No matter what day, no matter what hour, New York never sleeps. The lights, the moving banners across Times Square, the curbside venders, the pretzel stands …I love all of it. As the taxi cabs, the double-decker buses and the swift moving pedestrians speed past me, I feel alive among it all.


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Have a Choice to Make? Read This. Exploring the Difficulty of Having Too Many Choices.


Have you ever selected a choice, out of a boatload of other, similarly well-qualified choices, and thought to yourself, “Did I make the right one?” Uh huh.  I’ve been there. On many occasions, my rapacious self has entered a restaurant wherein I was forced to make a decision. Do I get the sirloin or the chicken francaise? The salmon or the pasta? An appetizer? What kind of wine? Red? White? The items on any given menu blur into one form of head-scratching perplexity.  When my order is delivered, I gaze at my neighbor’s dish in admiration and, exhaling an exasperated and elongated sigh, I mutter the following: I wish I ordered that instead.

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That’s the beauty of living in the free world, isn’t it? It’s the freedom of choice. At any given time and at any given place, we have a multitude of options to…

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Are You a Planner? On Planning the Sometimes Unplannable.


Do you consider yourself to be a planner? Or are you more of a spontaneous, go-with-the-flow kind of person? Well, I, for one have always preferred to plan things out. I just like the unwavering quality behind it; the security of having things set and ready to go.  Consistent with this topic, I must mention my love for to-do lists. Ahh, to-do lists – the epitome of organized planning. They provide instant organization to the sometimes unorganizable aspects of life. Moreover, crossing things off of the to-do list? That just provides me with an insurmountable amount of glee. Food Shopping – Check. Send important email – Check. Pick up dry cleaning – Check. I may even add a meaningless item to the list, just for the opportunity to draw an elongated, bright, red line through it. Get through Monday – Check. Perhaps yet another reason why my boyfriend and I…

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Go Ahead, Laugh it Off. Invoking The Power of Laughter.


When is the last time you laughed? I mean really laughed – to the point where your stomach hurt, your eyes teared and you couldn’t breathe? It feels good, doesn’t it? Laughing like that reminds me of my cousin, Leyla, who moved to Wyoming about five years ago. No matter what the occasion, we would always find a reason to join together in a roar of laughter. I’m almost certain that we found the work “fork”’ ragingly funny at one point and, mind you, this was during our pre-wine days. Anyway, those who really know me understand that I love to laugh. If you had a chance to read my post on “Normalcy,” you would know that I have a high pitched one (laugh, I mean), which I seem to utilize at the most inappropriate times – when a room is silent, for example. But for a few…

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