Happy Holidays, New York.


What an unseasonably warm Sunday in New York City. Although Christmas has come and gone, all of the streets and avenues of the Big Apple were alive with people who were, like us, partaking in some post-holiday fun. My sweet boyfriend bought me tickets to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular (my first time seeing the show). You know, I have lived thirty minutes away from this City for my entire life, yet at times I feel that I have taken that closeness for granted. When I am here, I remember what I love about being here. No matter what day, no matter what hour, New York never sleeps. The lights, the moving banners across Times Square, the curbside venders, the pretzel stands …I love all of it. As the taxi cabs, the double-decker buses and the swift moving pedestrians speed past me, I feel alive among it all.


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