Have a Choice to Make? Read This. Exploring the Difficulty of Having Too Many Choices.


Have you ever selected a choice, out of a boatload of other, similarly well-qualified choices, and thought to yourself, “Did I make the right one?” Uh huh.  I’ve been there. On many occasions, my rapacious self has entered a restaurant wherein I was forced to make a decision. Do I get the sirloin or the chicken francaise? The salmon or the pasta? An appetizer? What kind of wine? Red? White? The items on any given menu blur into one form of head-scratching perplexity.  When my order is delivered, I gaze at my neighbor’s dish in admiration and, exhaling an exasperated and elongated sigh, I mutter the following: I wish I ordered that instead.

Image © leungchopan/Fotolia.com

That’s the beauty of living in the free world, isn’t it? It’s the freedom of choice. At any given time and at any given place, we have a multitude of options to…

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