On The Power of YES … and How It Can Change Your Life


I was sitting at a conference table on Wednesday afternoon in the middle of a real estate closing. My client’s mortgage representative made a statement that lingered with me for quite some time: “Sometimes, you just have to say ‘yes.’ Shake a man’s hand. You know, make a deal.” He was speaking about interest rate fluctuations, the secondary mortgage market, minimum liquidity requirements; about how the longer you wait for that “better rate” or that “better deal,” you miss out on (what could be) your best opportunity. As I sat across from him at that chestnut-colored table, analyzing his message through the glare of a late afternoon sun, I took his statement to express a message which was far more meaningful – a message which stretched beyond the mortgage realm into the reality of everyday life.


As a seven-year-old sitting in a blue combo desk in a second…

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