Say “I love you” Every Day.


Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day … whatever your preference is: a holiday commemorated on the 14th of every February to celebrate love; a totality of love for our family, friends and our “sweethearts,” whom Cupid brought together with his piercing arrow of affection. There is no doubt that I love this day.  Perhaps it is my love for heart-shaped everything, my adoration of the pink and red color spectrum, or, to the detriment of my waist size, my unwavering love for chocolate. Perhaps it is my love for love and the opportunity to partake in a holiday that celebrates just that. Perhaps it is all of these things combined, but nevertheless, I love Valentine’s Day. Even before I had a “Valentine,” I would spend the day with my girlfriends and good conversation; or with my mother, a good movie and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Phish…

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