“Tequila, Limes, and Good Times”


I’m not sure if you have a Bahama Breeze in your part of the world, but this is our new favorite spot. The Caribbean vibe is just so fun. This past Friday, we arrived through the double doors to a live entertainer performing reggae tunes and, to our luck, a fun promotion called “Viva La Rita.” When you order a margarita, you receive two gold coins with which you can play a game of cornhole – right in the middle of the restaurant. We received two bean bags for the game and, after a few mojitos and margaritas, we, naturally, missed the hole. Not even remotely close.  But after exchanging a few more laughs between ourselves (and with the staff who offered their sympathetic, sweet, but yet completely bogus “aw so close” sentiments), we exited through the double doors in a roar of laughter. Do yourselves a favor. If…

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