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A Post From My Heart (On Revisiting The Past)


Life is crazy sometimes, isn’t it?  Have you ever thought about the past? Like, where you were then compared to where you are now?

We rested our feet atop a steel frame bridge overlooking a steady stream, its caged undernet catching figments of leaves and twigs as familiar waters passed through with great intention.   Have you ever visited a place of your past where the surroundings appear the same, yet everything is somehow completely different?  We leaped over mud-covered rocks to get here – here to the backyard of my childhood home.  This place sat at the bottom of our old driveway, surrounded by woods, a solitary bridge overlooking a slow-flowing river. I wouldn’t even call it a “park,” for it lacks the swing sets, the roundabouts, or the wooden picnic benches. This place, this familiar place, was but a nostalgic nook in my home town.
In a strange, big…

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