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The Fall and Letting Go


The air was crisp. A bundle of maple leaves swirled in a funnel of color, lifting and dancing beneath the breath of an October breeze. And there it was: chameleonic changes of color; warm apple pie rising behind the glass of a heated oven; a sudden chill we aren’t ready for.


It was eleven o’clock on a Saturday morning and I was scouring the closets for my favorite scarves, boots and sweaters. Ah ha. There they were, buried under a layer of miscellaneous boxes, a few quilts and colorful throw pillows. Do you the best part about the cooler weather? It’s packing on layers to conceal the pounds that have packed on as a result of sweet summer and her hotdogs and her ice creams and her summer lagers and, darn it, why are you so delicious? Sometimes she’s sour. And then she’s sweet. Nevertheless, I certainly wasn’t…

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