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When the Smallest Words Make the Biggest Difference


“Gladiatrix” is the female version of a gladiator. Did you know that? Well, I didn’t until Sunday. For the past few weeks, I’ve been dealing with a whole lot of that ugly, totally unnecessary yet all too often existent state of mind: stress – and, boy, a lot of it. At 6 a.m. on Sunday, the piercing vibrations of a radar interjected itself into my dreams with its glaring repetitiveness; a rude inception. One. Two. Three. The weight of a thousand stones. At least, that’s what I imagined was keeping me down. Four. There was no more time. I had to face it – the literal and metaphorical wake-up alarm which was gnawing at my eardrums and at my life.

Well, hold on. Before you go calling a search party, I’m totally and completely okay. You won’t find me climbing the Swiss mountainside to broadcast to the world from the…

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The Fall and Letting Go


The air was crisp. A bundle of maple leaves swirled in a funnel of color, lifting and dancing beneath the breath of an October breeze. And there it was: chameleonic changes of color; warm apple pie rising behind the glass of a heated oven; a sudden chill we aren’t ready for.


It was eleven o’clock on a Saturday morning and I was scouring the closets for my favorite scarves, boots and sweaters. Ah ha. There they were, buried under a layer of miscellaneous boxes, a few quilts and colorful throw pillows. Do you the best part about the cooler weather? It’s packing on layers to conceal the pounds that have packed on as a result of sweet summer and her hotdogs and her ice creams and her summer lagers and, darn it, why are you so delicious? Sometimes she’s sour. And then she’s sweet. Nevertheless, I certainly wasn’t…

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Wake Up (And Smell the Opportunity). What You Are Missing When You Rush (and Sulk) Through Life.


Do you ever wake up in one of those moods? You know, where the Keurig hasn’t even noised its “coffee brewed, enjoy” signal and you already feel defeated? When you want to wallow in your misery and oversized sweatpants under a down comforter and watch reruns of “How I Met Your Mother” for eight hours while shamelessly curling spoonfulls of Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey into your mouth … for breakfast? (Hey, we’ve all been there).

That kind of morning.

Well, buenos dias, blogging world. That’s where I was yesterday morning. I did one of those eyes half-shut, half-open sleep walks to the kitchen. I felt bloated. Nothing fit right. The top button of my Anne Klein suit popped off. And if you’ve been there, you know how hard it is on these kinds of mornings to get it together. And, sometimes, it’s hard to shake it off at all…

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DIY Faux Mantle


A couple that makes mantles together, stays together? No, really. I think that’s a thing. It took us three full weekends, various lengths of pine board slabs, white paint, and a lot of love and patience to complete our biggest DIY project to date. I came across this post on Pursuit of Handyness’ blog which led me to Ana White’s plans found here. We are so proud of the finished product.

Hashtag, feeling crafty.


1.the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient.

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Why I Chose Change – And Why You Should Too.


Change. Whether it’s good or bad or indifferent, you can feel it coming from miles away. It’s like a distant storm whose approaching trajectory is revealed by the appearance of rain clouds and the pungent scent of the earth. You know it’s coming – and before you can blink, or run, or hide – you’re right in the middle of it. Some people call it a “whirlwind,” but I imagine something more powerful than that. To me, it’s like a tornado ripping through your life as multitudes of directions and decisions swirl around you in great velocity, challenging you to stand – and endure – and survive.

And for the past few months, I found myself right in the eye of it all. 


“We mistake comfort for happiness. Comfort sells easier than happiness. Comfort is easy. It requires no effort and no work. Happiness takes effort. It requires being proactive…

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Hello, 32. You’re Beautiful and I’m Ready. (Birthday Post)


When I turned thirty, I posed for a picture holding a cardboard sign with the words “goodbye twenties” sprawled across it with a black sharpie. My friend said to me at the time: You’re going to love your thirties. You know who you are, what you want, and how to make it happen.

Boy was she right.
I made big changes to my life before this picture was taken. I said goodbye to relationships that brought me down. I focused my heart on the positive ones. I paid more attention to myself. I started working out again. I began to eat better. I smiled more.

I stopped sitting on the sidelines and letting opportunities pass by, grasping only at the straws of missed memories. I danced my heart out at a Bon Jovi concert. I booked a vacation. I fell in love.
In my thirties, I embrace more of life’s wonders with each passing day, which are…

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A Post From My Heart (On Revisiting The Past)


Life is crazy sometimes, isn’t it?  Have you ever thought about the past? Like, where you were then compared to where you are now?

We rested our feet atop a steel frame bridge overlooking a steady stream, its caged undernet catching figments of leaves and twigs as familiar waters passed through with great intention.   Have you ever visited a place of your past where the surroundings appear the same, yet everything is somehow completely different?  We leaped over mud-covered rocks to get here – here to the backyard of my childhood home.  This place sat at the bottom of our old driveway, surrounded by woods, a solitary bridge overlooking a slow-flowing river. I wouldn’t even call it a “park,” for it lacks the swing sets, the roundabouts, or the wooden picnic benches. This place, this familiar place, was but a nostalgic nook in my home town.
In a strange, big…

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