Are You a Planner? On Planning the Sometimes Unplannable.


Do you consider yourself to be a planner? Or are you more of a spontaneous, go-with-the-flow kind of person? Well, I, for one have always preferred to plan things out. I just like the unwavering quality behind it; the security of having things set and ready to go.  Consistent with this topic, I must mention my love for to-do lists. Ahh, to-do lists – the epitome of organized planning. They provide instant organization to the sometimes unorganizable aspects of life. Moreover, crossing things off of the to-do list? That just provides me with an insurmountable amount of glee. Food Shopping – Check. Send important email – Check. Pick up dry cleaning – Check. I may even add a meaningless item to the list, just for the opportunity to draw an elongated, bright, red line through it. Get through Monday – Check. Perhaps yet another reason why my boyfriend and I…

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